About Us

Enjoy tea scientifically
Legend holds that Shennong had a transparent glasslike belly; thus one could vividly see the image of everything he ate. At one instance, he unwittingly ingested some kind of poisonous herbs which immediately transformed the colour of his belly into black. Subsequently and fortunately, he ate another kind of herb which then turned his belly back into its original crystal-like colour. This led to Shennong’s legendary discovery of TEA and its miraculous therapeutic effects. Hence, from this legend our name GLASSBELLY was born, founded with a fervent goal of serving the real soothing taste and aroma of TEA in its perfection.

With strict adherence to health and safety standards, GLASSBELLY delved into a scientific research about Wuyi Rock Tea (the best Chinese Oolong Tea variety and among the top ten best teas in the world.) The production of this tea variety has been considered an ancient Chinese craft which demands meticulous craftsmanship to create an excellently balanced produce. With the expertise of our specialists on the Science of Taste, we are able to analyse the distinctive first class quality standard of our tea products which will certainly leave a more soothing appeal to the discerning palate of tea lovers all over.
A Scientific Approach to Characterize Quality and Taste
Tea is inherently complex in nature, therefore it would be a challenge to categorize whether its quality is good or bad. In this light, we use scientific and innovative evaluation mechanism to characterize our tea products’ quality and taste; the same scrutiny used by high class experts in quality tasting of wine, coffee, chocolate and cigar.
Excellence in Quality and Safety Standard
Tea carries with it a lot of health benefits to the human body. Nevertheless, subpar production process can pose a serious health risk because it can set off harmful elements when handled incorrectly. The safety and health of our customers are of paramount importance to us. All of our products comply with the national safety standards. Furthermore, each batch of our tea products had been tested to be free from more than 600 types of pesticide residues and all types of heavy metal substances. Thereupon, all of our products have been certified with excellence in quality and safety standard.
Innovative Fine Dining with Tea Experience
We at Glassbelly Tea Lab give the highest regard to our customers’ ultimate satisfaction. Thus, with our expertise in the Science of Taste, we combine carefully selected tea and seasonal ingredients to put forth an exemplary fine dining experience set in a suave ambience to cater to our guests’ sophisticated taste.