Tea Safety

Enjoy tea scientifically
Tea carries with it a lot of health benefits to the human body. Nevertheless, subpar production process can pose a serious health risk because it can set off harmful elements when handled incorrectly. The safety and health of our customers are of paramount importance to us. All of our products comply with the national safety standards. Furthermore, each batch of our tea products had been tested to be free from more than 600 types of pesticide residues and all types of heavy metal substances. Thereupon, all of our products have been certified with excellence in quality and safety standard.
A Scientific Approach to Characterize Quality and Taste
Hong Kong's safety requirements for tea include the detection of 46 specified pesticides. The European Union has very high requirements and standards for food safety, and its indicators are far more stringent than those of Hong Kong. There are hundreds of requirements for the detection of pesticides.
Excellence in Quality and Safety Standard
GlassBelly We attach great importance to the health and safety of our customers. Through Eurofins, the world's top third-party testing agency, we test more than 600 pesticide residues and 8 heavy metals in each batch of tea products. All samples are sent to their laboratories in Europe for testing.
Innovative Fine Dining with Tea Experience
The test results show that all the products we sell not only fully meet the safety requirements of Hong Kong, but also meet the standards of the European Union, which proves that all the products can be enjoyed by our customers.