1. If I drink tea at home, what should I pay attention to?
First of all, the tea set should be preheated. It is recommended to use our company's tea set. In addition, we recommend that the tea tasting temperature be about 55 degrees to 60 degrees。
2. After receiving the goods, can I still replace them or refund them if I find that the appearance of the goods is slightly damaged?
The replaced or refunded product must not be damaged or have been wet before it can be replaced or refunded。
3. What should I pay attention to when visiting a restaurant?
We recommend that guests do not use scented products when entering the restaurant, such as perfumes, antiperspirants, etc. These scents will directly affect the original taste of the tea。
4. After the order is confirmed, when will the goods be received?
Under normal circumstances, the goods will be delivered according to the delivery date and time selected by the customer. If the goods cannot be delivered on the selected date and time, the customer service department will contact and follow up。
5. If you want to know more product information
The product description page will list the detailed information of the product. If you have any query about the product, please call us +852 2638 4688 . In addition, guests are welcome to browse our website or other media such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc., to learn more about our products and other information。
6. Product expiry date
We understand our customers' concerns about product safety and quality. We have a professional quality monitoring team that supervises through a rigorous established mechanism and regularly inspects the quality of the goods to ensure that the goods are in good condition when they are sold, and we do a good job of checking for our customers. We also regularly check the expiration date of the goods, and handle the goods with the most appropriate storage and transportation methods to ensure the quality of the goods。
7. Order Status
Click "Account/Settings", click "Order History", click the order you want to query, and check the "Order Status"。
8. Are Glass Belly's products reliable?
GlassBelly attaches great importance to the health and safety of customers. In addition to meeting national safety standards, all products are tested for more than 600 pesticide residues and various heavy metal indicators in each batch of tea, proving that all products can be enjoyed with peace of mind. Strictly select products All products are strictly selected and put on the shelves by our team to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction。
9. How to buy
Online and offline, as you like Buy online, home delivery The door-to-door service covers the whole Hong Kong commercial and residential buildings, including all village houses, remote areas, outlying islands (Cheung Chau, Lamma Island, Peng Chau, etc.), Ma Wan, Lantau Island, airport restricted areas, etc. Buy online, pick up at pick-up point We have docked more than 2,000 pick-up points, and there is always one point at your disposal, so that you can pick up your goods at any time. Offline purchase Real-time inventory Sometimes, customers may want to experience the product in person before making a purchase decision Store address Address: 20th Floor, Henry Centre, 42 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay (2-minute walk from Exit F of Causeway Bay MTR Station) Opening hours: 12PM-22:30PM。
10. Payment method
Support multiple payment methods, including credit card, *ATM transfer, online bank transfer, Alipay HK, WeChat Pay, etc。
11.What are the options for picking up the goods?
We provide two ways to pick up the goods from SF Express or store pickup. Customers can send them to their chosen address through SF Express
12.Does the restaurant accept group guests?
The restaurant accepts group guests for banquets, dinner parties and other purposes
13.If I find that I have selected the wrong product style/filled in the wrong delivery address/contact number/email address after checkout on the website, how can I modify it?
Once the website order is established, you can no longer change any order content (including the style of the ordered goods, the delivery address, and the contact number). If you find that you have ordered the wrong style and request to cancel the order and refund, we will charge an additional handling fee。
14.What can I do if I cannot receive the order confirmation email after placing an order on the website?
Due to the large number of orders, the system may be too busy and delay the sending of order confirmation emails. If you still have not received the confirmation email from the system after submitting the order, you can check on the "My Orders" page to see if you have successfully placed the order. If the order is successfully placed, even if you do not receive the confirmation email from the system, we will still follow up your order as usual. Please wait patiently. You can also check whether the email you entered is correct and whether the email is classified as spam/promotional mail on the "My Account" page. If you find that you have filled in your email address incorrectly, you can log in to the website yourself at any time and enter the "My Account" page to modify your email address for receiving messages from our website. (*You can only modify the email address used to receive online shopping news, not the user email when registering the website)
15. Order shipping arrangement
Under normal circumstances, unified shipment will be arranged after all the shipments of the same order are collected. If you have any questions about shipment, please contact our customer service officer to handle it for you。
16. What if I fail to pick up the goods after they arrive at the pick-up point/smart cabinet?
If you fail to pick up the shipment at the pick-up point/smart cabinet within the specified time specified in the SMS message, your order will be cancelled and the dispatcher will collect the shipment at any time. If you need to reschedule the delivery, the logistics company may charge additional fees。
17. Bulk order / large order
If you want to order in bulk or purchase goods with a total value of more than $XXXX, please contact us to follow up the order for you. If you need to use the e-coupon and have exceeded the daily limit, please purchase your favorite products the next day。
18. How do I know if the payment is successful?
After the order is successfully paid and confirmed, you will receive the following system information notification: [Confirmed order (order number), thank you for choosing to order goods in Glassbelly. ] Or email order confirmation If you receive one of the above messages, it means that your order has been successfully paid and confirmed. You can also check the transaction status in the order record to see if the order has been successfully paid. If the payment has been successfully made, the transaction status is "Payment Successful"; if the payment is unsuccessful, the transaction status is "Payment failed, your account has not been debited, and the order has been cancelled". If the order is unsuccessful and you want to repurchase the goods of the order, you can click "Re-add all goods to the shopping cart" in the order record and perform the payment procedure again。
Thank you for your support, enjoy shopping!♡